Frequently Asked Questions

I found something with Found.Today tag, what do I do? Awesome. Now you can either scan the QR code or open the website to send them a message anonymously. Even if you provide your email, we will never share it with them.

How do I get a Found.Today tag? It's easy. Just register with your email address and we will send an email to you with a tag.

I registered. How do I get my tags?
  • You have two options.
  • Print at home: After you login, on your home screen, you can see a print icon. Click that to get to the page with instructions to print at home.
  • Get your tags from us: We mail your custom printed tags with annual renewal. On your home screen click on Renew now and follow the next two screens to pay and provide shipping address. Don't forget to apply your coupon if you have one.

I got a Found.Today tag as part of a promo, what do I do next? Welcome to Found.Today! You can either scan the QR code or open the link mentioned on the tag and register by entering your email address and the pass code provided with the tag. Once you have followed all the instructions and reset your password, you are ready to go.

On how many of my belongings can I put a tag on? Unlimited, but please refer to terms of service.

Can I print my own tags? Absolutely. We encourage you to print tags at home. After you login, click on settings, then click on printer icon next to your tag. Put a printable sticker** paper of size 1" x 2 5/8" in the printer and print 30 tags. We recommend you use a laser printer and get sticker** paper that print on laser printers. We suggest you use weatherproof sticker for longer life like Avery 5520. You can also use non weatherproof stickers like Avery 18160.
**Note: Some stickers can leave a residue or damage certain materials like leather when taken off. Please test it first before using.

Where all can I put the tag on? Ideally anything which leaves your home can have a tag on it. So you can put tags on your
  • key chain
  • cell phone
  • umbrella
  • camera
  • jacket
  • wallet
  • water bottles
  • kids lunch box
  • school bag
  • books
  • pencil box
  • pets, you can put the tag on their collar
  • car (so that say the next time you forget to switch off your head lights or if someone dinked your car in the parking lot, they can scan the tag and leave a message for you.)
  • If you have young kids and are planning a trip to an amusement park or a cruise, you can stick the tag on their wristband for safety.

    Just about anything you do not wish to lose.

What is the fee? When you sign-up you get a tag free for 1 year. Annual renewal for the service is only $10, which also gets you stickers with your tags mailed to you for free.

Can I get more tags? Currently the site gives one tag per registered email. Please send us a mail at if you need more tags.

Can I get SMS along with emails? Yes. After logging in, click on settings. Provide your mobile number, select the check box and hit update. Please note carrier charges may apply.

I do not wish to receive SMS anymore what do I do? Simply reply to the SMS with STOP.

I replied STOP to SMS but now I would like to receive SMS what do I do? Please send us a mail at if you want to resume receiving SMS

How do I suggest it to my friends? Click on the ''Invite Friends'' tab and refer your friends. They will receive an email from us with details about registering.

I lost something with a tag, what do I do now? Keep an eye on your email, make sure you are checking your junk mail too. Make sure you have set up your mobile number receive mobile alerts.

I forgot my password, what do I do? Click on the ''Reset Password'' link and follow the instructions.

How do I register? Click on the ''Register'' tab and follow the instructions.

I registered but did not receive verification email? Please send us a mail at

I received the verification email, but my browser can not open the link in the email If your browser is unable to open the links in the email, please copy and paste it in the address bar of your browser.

My verification code is not working The verification code is only active for 24 hours.
After 24 hours if you wish to activate please visit, provide your email address and click on the resend code button to receive a new verification code.

I registered but I am unable to login. When you register with your email, we send you a verification code to your email to verify that the email address belongs to you.
Please make sure you click the link in that email or visit and provide your email and verification code.
If you are unsure that you remember your password, you can always reset the password by clicking on the ''Reset Password'' link and following the instructions.
If you are still unable to login, please send an email to contact with specific details about your experience.